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Important Tips for Recruiting & On-Boarding Remotely

2020 led to a lot of changes, and how we work and recruit was no exception. Almost every business in all industries had to adapt to some, if not all, of their employees, working remotely. Regardless of the many challenges, we experienced first hand how many companies not only took on these challenges but succeeded and even continued to recruit with the aim of growing their workforce. However, one aspect that proved to be especially hard when recruiting amidst the pandemic was onboarding and integrating new team members. This read will take a deeper dive in this aspect and provide a few tips.

Recruiting Remotely

There is no denying that the COVID situation has made recruiting new employees harder, at least practically. However, there are numerous suitable candidates out there and ready to join your team immediately. For most business owners, it feels strange not meeting a candidate face to face, but over the last several years, particularly 2020, it has become the norm to work remotely and hold meetings virtually.

In order to recruit remotely, you only need to alter your mindset and become creative. This way, you will be able to great candidates just like before.

Our agency believes in meeting candidates before we present them to the employer and that is why we meet them virtually. Holding our own video interviews helps in understanding them as individuals and not just CVs. This allows our team to present you with the candidates that match your needs. If you want, we can also share the interviews with you, thus lending you that first impression and saving your valuable time.

Just because you cannot meet a candidate physically does not mean you have to do away with how you recruit normal. You can hold a short interview first, followed by a more formal one, where you can ask for a presentation or set a task.

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  1. Communication and Reassurance

Starting a new job is normally nerve-wracking, but this is especially the case for those starting in these hard times. As a talent manager or line manager, it is imperative to indulge in proper communication early and reassure the new recruits regarding the process.

One of our candidates recently secured a position remotely and shared how his new manager called them for an initial call, which was followed by an email, telling them how they can get in touch any time. Ensuring such a line of communication stays open without being overbearing is vital when onboarding remotely.

  1. Helping Them with Technology

We don't know how this day and age would like if there were no laptops, Zoom, Slack and VPNs, and all other technologies and applications helping us communicate and do tasks with ease. For those quiet IT people in the corner, this is the time to shine.

People tend to have a learning curve when it comes to the applications and software that companies use to communicate and do tasks online. So, ensure you have a new recruit starter set-up as soon as possible.

  1. Structured Welcome Program

The structure is imperative when you're running your business remotely, and it's especially important for new recruits. You should have a clear and well structured welcome program for all the new team members. Do not overload them with information, but make sure you have a clear program for the initial week. This should include everything from introducing the team on a video call, to what their tasks will be and the company's culture presentation.

4.Keep in Contact

It is important to stay in contact with new recruits to ensure they feel comfortable about reaching out when they have a query or need assistance. Again, ensure you keep it balanced to avoid being overbearing. Show the recruits that you trust them and do not need to check up on them constantly. Schedule a daily call during the initial days and then less frequently when things start going well.