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Five Reasons for Buying Antiques

There are several reasons why people decide to spend their money on old items they store and showcase on a shelf or in a glass case. No matter how weird and useless collecting antiques may sound, there's always a story that justifies these people's decision to acquire such items. To them, these antiques do have a meaning, so they never feel bad about investing in them. Here are the top five reasons for buying antiques.

The Age of the Antique

To state the obvious, antiques are very old items. Their age is what defines them as antiques, after all. People are fascinated to buy things that are older than them. This is a great way to feel the connection to the past, especially for those who are fond of certain time periods. Let's think about a very early porcelain ewer. Back in the 1400s, China was the only country that made and exported such objects. It makes sense for avid collectors to want to buy this object since it is one of the oldest in Europe.

The craftsmanship is another good reason for people to seek to buy very old items. All things dating back from before the industrial revolution were handmade. The simple thought that someone spent a huge number of hours to create something that beautiful is nothing short of amazing, seeing that the object is still here after that much time. The craftsmanship can also define a particular time period. As creation methods change and evolve with time, it's easy to understand why a 15th Century ewer is more valuable than an 18th Century one. Back in the 1400s, the process of creating porcelain objects was more complex, as manufacturers had fewer and more rudimentary tools to rely on.

The Investment Potential

Making a profit from buying antiques and selling them at a higher price can be a lucrative endeavour. There's a couple, for instance, who bought a terracotta figurine on eBay for less than £30. They also bought some other more expensive items, but this one is remarkable and worth mentioning here. Apparently, the terracotta object they bought was a Cortendorf terracotta figurine, and therefore held way more value than its previous owner had thought. After the couple restored the statue, its value skyrocketed to £800. The couple stated that collecting antiques is their own way to ensure their daughter will inherit a valuable collection once they are gone.

Homage to Memory

There are objects that hold value regardless of experts' opinion. These items are personal and they are meaningful to the person collecting them. Your grandmother's antique clocks collection might not be as valuable as the clocks decorating your living room, and yet hold value to her and to her memories. This may inspire you to preserve her collection and to add to it, as a homage to her memory.

The Former Owner

Many collectors purchase items that previously belonged to someone important, a famous individual, an artist or a great politician. Such items have a tremendous potential for investors, as their value can skyrocket over time. How many paintings selling for millions today were acquired by their owners for thousands or even hundreds?

The Excitement of the Find

Many people enjoy collecting antiques for the fun of it. Going into an antique store is like a trip to a new, uncharted territory. You never know what you're going to find inside. Sometimes, people discover valuable treasures on the shelves of these little stores. The search is valuable in itself, as it offers collectors moments of sheer excitement and pleasure. In Fort Collins, for instance, there are lots of antiques shops, both in the city center and by the outskirts. Among the most popular ones, we feel the need to mention A-1 Antiques and the A and J Antique Mall. In Fleet, Serendipity is popular.