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The Top Kitchen Trends For 2021

Were you looking to give your kitchen a fresh new look and feel back in 2020 but could be due to the Covid outbreak? No need to wait any longer; you can make it happen in 2021. You only need to start making plans and set them in motion.

We at Stone and Chrome can help you realise your goals fast. Although you might not be able to access our showroom, we still do offer consultations online/remotely via FaceTime, Teams, and Zoom. We can work with your projected designs or visit your property for a more detailed kitchen design.

We offer installation services for bathrooms at bathrooms Camberely and kitchens while adhering to guidelines put in place by the government to control the spread of the virus. We have also put in place enhanced hygiene and social distancing measures, especially when working in our client’s homes. Here are 3 of the top trending kitchen designs for 2021.

Contrasting Colours

2021 is all about thinking outside the box, especially for your kitchen theme and colours. You thus might want to choose two or more contrasting colours for your kitchen. Checkout tour article on Colourful Kitchen design for inspiration and ideas.

There is a growing trend and love for greens and blues in the kitchen, with many people going for a mix of cobalt blue, navy, teal, and forest greens. These can be contrasted with paler colours such as moss, sage green, powder blue, and mint.

Black is another exciting colour you can go with for your kitchen. You, however, don’t want your kitchen to be painted completely black, but highlights of the same. Black worktops, for example, can be used in the kitchen. Neutral grey also provides excellent contrast, especially in a well-lit kitchen.

Hidden Storage

Many people today have started to appreciate and embrace hidden storage in the kitchen. We, however, have been in this industry for quite some time and have all the experience and expertise required to install stylish and practical storage for your kitchen. Boot rooms and pantries are two of the more popular hidden storage designs today. Here is a quick overview of the two.


Pantries have proven to be invaluable, especially with the lockdowns going on. They provide you with more than enough space to store all your food materials and goods in an organised manner. A walk-in pantry, for example, helps free up lots of space in the kitchen and allows/enables you to see everything with just a simple glance. You can also use the pantry space for your wine fridge and gin dresser. Pantries provide discreet and convenient storage in the kitchen, a reason they are increasingly popular today

Boot Room

A boot room provides additional room for your kitchen. While it doesn’t necessarily have to be spacious, a boot room will come in handy when looking to clear the clutter out of your kitchen. It can be designed to be both stylish and functional with additional features, such as satin brass handles as well. We can also create a custom handmade boot room fitting your specific needs.

These are some of the latest trending kitchen designs for 2021. The pandemic has made us appreciate our kitchens even more, which is why you too should consider an upgrade as well. Call us today for advice and help on the best kitchen designs. We will help make your dream come true.