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Pet Cremation Services- What You Need to Know

Your pets are part of your family, just like your loved ones. Similar to a family member, when a pet dies, we grieve and make an effort to ensure we create an ideal memorial so that everyone can be reminded of the joy the pet brought into our lives.

For some, this involves cremating the pet, followed by a memorial. If you are among those who prefer cremation, then this read will reveal everything you need to keep in mind regarding cremation services.

Cremation Vs Burial

When pets die, most people consider burying them in the back yard or a public cemetery. However, these options don't always prove to be practical, especially if you reside in a region with cold winters, where you may have to wait months for the ground to be diggable.

Also, if you do not dig far enough, other animals can dig up the remains, which can be traumatic for everyone who knew the pet. Also, if you relocate, what becomes of the grave of the pet you held dear?

If you reside in a place with a public pet cemetery, you can take this route, but if you prefer having a memorial for your pet only, then cremation proves to be the best option.

Who Does the Cremations?

Dog cremation services usually depend on where you reside. Most towns have pet crematoriums that often contract with veterinarian clinics. If you are in a relatively small town, chances are the crematorium handles both pets and humans, but with separate areas for the cremation. As such, you'll want to check with your vet to see the cremation services they use.

Do You Have to Drop Off Your Pet At the Crematorium?

If you need to have the pet euthanized and decide to have it cremated, your veterinarian will arrange to have the animal taken to the crematorium. However, cremation is not just for euthanized pets. If your pet dies at home, you can also decide to have it cremated. There are vets who provide mobile services, meaning they will come to your residence and pick up the pet for cremation. So, consider asking your vet if they provide this convenience.

The Pet Cremation Process

Generally, there are two forms of pet cremation- communal and private. In the former, pets are cremated along with other animals. Since there are several other animals, it is not possible to get your pet's ashes.

In a private cremation, the process is only done to your pet. This allows you to get the ashes back. Some cremation service providers have individual or partitioned services. This means your pet is cremated along with other pets, but each is partitioned off. In this case, you can ask for your pet's ashes, but keep in mind that you are likely to get some remains of other animals mixed with yours.

For example, if you and your loved ones decide to have the pet cremated and then interred in a spreading forest or cemetery, you can choose to have the pet laid to rest there, a gesture of allowing it to stay with their family.

And there you have it, a few things to keep in mind when it comes to pet cremation.