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How to Adjust your Figure with Shapewear and Heels

Heels and shapewear go hand in hand to bring about dramatic changes to physical form. Heels in themselves have been considered one of the most important elements of shapewear. Dedicated shapewear can also support the body structures and refine the silhouette, but heels can encourage that perfect posture that makes all other elements of shapewear come together perfectly.

So, the next question is how you will go about using shapewear to look your very best but also feel and move about comfortably as you do so? Here is what you need to know.

Creating Curves

You can combine the heels with the shapewear to create a series of flowing curves. This is a great way to accentuate your curves or even add the illusion of curviness where curviness may be lacking. Shapewear is a handy tool that can be used to create an especially attractive look. But choose the type you wear for the results you want. For example, if you choose core-focused shapewear, you will compress the waist and lift the back. This is a great option to combine with a set of slimmer but taller heels. When enhanced with the thinnest stiletto heels, this look enhances curves all the way down the leg line.

Lengthened Lines

The entire design of heeled shoes is to lengthen the line of the silhouette from the head to toe. The important idea is that this lengthens the looks of the legs. Longer legs have an important impact on creating a more appealing presentation of the body. With this in mind, look to lengthen the silhouette of your body with the right set of heels. The compression that shapewear can provide can contribute to lengthening the silhouette and allow you to make the most of your heels’ body shaping attributes.

Balancing your Body

The underlying point is that everybody must find a way to balance different proportions of their body to achieve the best-streamlined silhouette. Think about having everyone has a different shape to their body. There are pear shapes, triangles, rectangles and hourglasses. Shapewear can’t actually change this underlying shape; it only helps us to balance the proportions of the body to achieve a more streamlined silhouette. Some good ways to seek better balance are with control briefs with a higher waist and lower leg. This provides an evenness from around the waist and hips.

Then a wide-strapped bra with panels is a good way to add form and control to the upper body and shoulders which also highlights the waist. Some of the best heels for distributing the proportions of the body are Mules and slingbacks. These types of shoes don’t have the ankle strap that can segment the look and interrupt that smooth flowing line we are trying to create. If you want to know how to hide back fat then see here.

Keeping Comfort

The proper way to wear shapewear is as comfortably as possible. This is especially important when it comes time to choose the heels for your outlook. You will feel great confidence in your look if you are able to dress fashionably and still feel comfortable moving about. Here are some things to consider when it comes time to choose shapewear and heels that fit comfortably all day long. Both of these decisions depend on getting the right fit and size. If your shapewear is not large enough, it will begin to dig into your shape and create lumps in your silhouette. Shapewear that is not a proper fit will often do more harm than good to your overall looks. Poor-fitting shapewear and heels can even damage your posture and cause back trouble. So, it is good to choose your options carefully.

Are there any dangers?

So, long as you have chosen proper fitting shapewear and heels there are no dangers in using these types of garments to adjust your body proportions.