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Childcare: The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Nanny

The different options regarding childcare can be overwhelming, especially when comparing the pros and cons. Nannies are also one of the options worth considering when looking for dependable childcare programs.

Here are a few things worth having in mind as you evaluate the benefits and pitfalls of hiring a nanny for your child’s homecare.

The Perks of Nanny Care

Opting to hire a nanny will come with the following benefits:

Stay Home

The routines at home and those at a childcare centre often differ, which can be confusing for your little one. But with nanny care, your child will be in a familiar setting where he or she can go about what he or she knows is his or her eating, play, and nap time routine.

More Control

Perhaps you prefer cloth diapers, which most childcare centre might not accept. Maybe you love having a direct influence on your kid’s activities instead of letting a childcare centre do it for you. Hiring a nanny allows you to maintain the day-to-day decision regarding what you believe is essential for your child.

 One-On-One Attention

With nanny care, your child enjoys one-on-one attention, which has several advantages.

Your little one will get the level of interaction during caregiving that is crucial for their development. Childcare centres strive to maintain a small adult to child ratio but cannot offer the same level of personalised attention.

The child may develop some attachment to the nanny as his or her caregiver, thus feeling secure. Such attachment is vital in the child’s development.

 High turnovers are a notable downside of childcare centres. Nevertheless, independent childcare specialists can also resign or relocate. But many happy nannies will offer their services to their clients until the child start school. It provides the little one with a sense of security.

Less risk of germ exposure than a childcare centre where something like a flue can go around with ease. It is a concern worth noting, especially if you have an infant whose immune system is still sensitive and developing.

 Convenience for You

Nanny care eliminates the hustle of picking and dropping your child at a care centre. It also means you will not worry much when you have to head out and leave your little one sick at home. You can set your schedule, ensuring it works around your needs and the nanny. You can also keep track of expenses and their wages by using nanny payroll.

May Take on Additional Duties

Many nannies will gladly take on some extra housework if the pay is sensible. They will handle some of the light chores.

Downsides of Nanny Care

Hiring a nanny is not all roses and rainbows; it does have some pitfalls like:

No Regulations

You must screen the nannies to ensure they have some childcare, development, and safety training, which is an issue you will not face if you opt for childcare centres that make sure all their workers have the necessary qualifications.


You can never be sure how your kid’s day goes, especially if it is an infant. That means it just the child and nanny at home. Therefore, nanny cams can be a wise investment.

No Backup the Nanny Is Sick

Childcare centres will not close because a staff member is sick, not so when working with a nanny. You will have to stay at home or find someone else if the nanny needs a sick day.

Costlier Childcare centres cost relatively cheaper than hiring a nanny. A full-time nanny in America is roughly $100 per day, depending on your location and other factors. However, you can bring down the costs if you find other parents to arrange a “nanny share.

Managing an Employee

When you hire a nanny, more so full-time, it means you have an employee. As such, you are to manage their work hours, salary, taxes, vacation time, and sick days.

Conflicting Childcare Philosophy

Although you can get ahead of certain issues such as nutrition, discipline, activities, and sleep by establishing open communication with the nanny, expect conflicts to flare. Disagreements between you and your nanny regarding childcare are bound to come up at some point.