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Benefits Of Travelling: Why It Makes Us Happy

Taking a break from work is good for your health. Having a change of scenery, especially when you travel, also helps put a smile on your face as well. This is one reason most of us are always anxious, especially when planning for a road trip or a vacation. Outlined below are some of the reasons you, too, should consider travelling to amazing places such as turtle island Borneo, and why it makes us happy.

Travelling Brings Us Joy

According to a study conducted in 2017 by Cornel University, paying for an experience is more fulfilling than spending the same amount of money on an object. This is because we get used to the items/objects subconsciously, with the satisfaction of owning them fading off with time. Experiences, however, linger in our minds for much longer and often light our faces up whenever we think of them. While it is important to budget your money wisely, using the same to create sweet memories will go a long way in making life worthwhile.

It Boosts One’s Self-Confidence

Travelling allows you to explore the unknown with no external pressures. It also helps you overcome the fear of the unknown, building your confidence with each mile travelled. According to Marie Claire, an editor with, most people reportedly have better confidence in themselves, especially after their first experience travelling abroad.

It Is an Opportunity to Discover Our Limits

Travelling allows you to not only broaden your horizons but discover your limits as well. This is particularly so when you travel alone. Planning a trip to visit a new place, for example, enables you to reach out to your inner self and even discover new things about yourself. In other words, travelling allows you to explore both the world and yourself as well.

Explorers Are More Resourceful

The fact that you are exploring areas you’ve never been to before presents new challenges, most of which you have to rise and conquer. This means adapting to situations as they arise. That said, travelling makes you more resourceful, brave, and capable of taking almost anything at work.

Enlarges Our Field of Vision

As mentioned before, travelling enables one to learn of different cultural beliefs and references, factors that shape how we think and see the world. You also get to experience life from another person’s perspective while still engaging with their values, mindsets, and ideas. Although it might be unsettling at first, putting yourself in another person’s shoes widens your vision making you stronger than you ever were.

Travelling Helps Us See Problems in New Light

Getting off your comfort zone and exploring the world of the unknown enables you to view issues from different angles. It also gives you a break from any problems you might have, allowing your mind to dissect them from different approaches. The fact that you have to deal with various other realities while on the road opens your thinking scope even wider. This allows you to not only re-evaluate your priorities but also approach issues differently.

Vacationing Keeps Us Young

According to a study conducted and published in the Los Angeles Times, Women who vacation at least twice per year are less likely to develop a heart condition as compared to those who hardly do vacations. The same was confirmed by studies done by the U.S Travel Association, among several other bodies. Going for a holiday will thus help keep you looking younger for longer.

Travelling Helps Fight Stress and Depression

Going for a trip, even for one day, is enough to distract you from your daily stressors. You will not only breathe fresh air when on the road but also get to feed your mind with new and interesting things. Studies conducted by the U.S Travel Association in conjunction with the Global Commission on Aging and the Transamerica Centre for Retirement Studies show that more than 80% of travellers reportedly have lower stress levels. Many of them come back happier than they were when they left.