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Web-based Way to Personalize Invitations and Stationery Launched by Mother-Daughter Duo, a Web site where individuals can create personalized invitations, stationery and more, has recently launched.  Consumers can customize paper products to feature a character that resembles a person of their choice.

San Carlos, CA – A California-based, mother-daughter-owned company has introduced a website that allows consumers to customize a special caricature – or “pose” – to appear on a variety of high-quality paper products, from every-day stationery to baby shower invitations and graduation announcements. has developed an instant-order approach to customized stationery that allows consumers to electronically create a look-alike image of themselves or a particular someone from a wide range of pre-drawn facial features and accessories. Variables include gender, skin color, hairstyle, hair color, eye size, eye color, smile size, clothing, and accessories. 

“Our method of creating a person’s “pose” takes personalization to a new level. This site is for anyone wishing to make an impact with a really memorable invitation, written announcement or gift of stationery. I grew up drawing people on cards for their special occasions, and now we’re providing consumers with that opportunity – to customize what until now have been mostly impersonal communications,” said Jennifer Harland, Principal Designer and Co-Founder of PosePrints.

“We bring paper products to life, and give our customers a level of artistic control that just wasn’t an option before. The recipient or invitee will love the added thoughtfulness and uniqueness,” said Denise Foster, Co-Founder of PosePrints.


The PosePrints site includes a wizard-like clickable set of layering screens that guide the user through the design process without the need for any explicit instructions. Consumers will choose the particular features using a specialized scrolling mechanism to resemble the person appearing on their communiqué. Developing a caricature’s “pose” and ordering truly stand-out stationery takes no more than ten minutes, even though PosePrints offers hundreds of facial elements, Foster said.


Once users complete their designs, they may pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover Card. The moment an order is placed, a design file is automatically transferred to PosePrints’ regional printers. The order takes three to five days to be custom-made, and is then shipped directly from the printer to the customer.


The personalized communications will cost two dollars per piece. Design options will be continually updated to include new elements, models and seasonal styles.


Denise Foster and Jen Harland 


(888) 526-7673


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