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Only PosePrints personalized Bridal Shower thank you notes should follow up an occasion like a Bridal Shower!  We give you the ability to create unique Bridal Shower Thank You Notes through a quick and easy design process -- right here on our website! PosePrints Bridal Shower thank you notes feature a caricature YOU design to look just like the bride-to-be!

Create a caricature from a wide range of features, add your text, and then we print and ship your thank you notes straight to your home. Get started now by clicking on the design button!

If you're anything like us, you like to stand out -- especially on a special occasion like a bridal shower! You want your or the bride-to-be's thank you notes to be cute yet sophisticated, fun yet classy. You may even want your thank you notes to be keepsakes for the bride and the invitees!  PosePrints is your home for all of this: classy, cute, personalized, high-quality cards that make an impression. Honor your special bride-to-be with a gift of personalized thank you notes that are as unique and fun as she is.

We have a wide variety of background designs fit for your bridal shower thank yous. To see all of our available designs, click on the design tab!

Once you have clicked on the design tab, choose the background design you think is perfect for you or the bride-to-be you are honoring. There are plenty of different color schemes from which to choose! Once you have selected the background, click on the "personalize this design with my pose" button. It may take a few seconds for all of the caricature features and accessories to appear on your screen.

The first step here is to choose the skin color of the caricature. There is a light, olive and dark option. From there, you may scroll through all of the hair styles, eye shapes, accessories, jewelry and more! And there is, of course, a wedding dress, veil, and engagement ring for the caricature pose on your thank you notes.

Once you are happy with your bride's caricature, click the "save model" button and then click on the "personalize message" button that pops up. On the next page, simply personalize the text of your bridal shower thank you card (either with a simple "Thank You" or with her name as well), which you may re-do and preview as many times as you want. Make sure your bridal shower thank you note looks just-right to you, and then add the card to your shopping bag. You may select as few as 15 cards, or as many as 200.

Click on the 'design' tab to begin creating your customized caricature and one-of-a-kind bridal shower thank you notes now!

Design your personalized bridal shower thank you notes
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design baby shower invitation

Create unique bridal shower thank yous
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Custom bridal shower thank you card
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