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Show your love and joy through personalized PosePrints Baby Shower Thank-You Notes! Designing distinctly "you" Baby Shower cards is super easy and can be done right on our website (even in your comfy PJs)! You know how fun (not) it is to find cards that look like you (or your friends)? Not anymore. With PosePrints you can design a caricature that looks like the mommy-to-be -- baby bump (or belly) and all!

Ready to get started? Click on the 'design' button and have fun!

You stand out; it’s just what you do. And on a special occasion, well, let’s just say that you’re the girl who always puts a smile on everyone’s face. It’s just what you do. For your or (your dear friend’s) Baby Shower, nothing less will do. Cute and sophisticated, classy and a barrel of giggles? Yep that’s what you’re looking for, and at PosePrints we have the perfect blend of that in all of our customized Baby Shower Thank-You notes.

In fact, our custom thank-you notes will be too cute to toss, long after the shower! You can choose from a bunch of cute and customizable background designs. To see all of our available designs, click on the design tab!

So, is it a girl or a boy? Maybe you know, maybe you don’t. Either way, we can help you make it personal, with our many girl, boy or neutral themes to choose from. Ready to get started?

- Click "Design": Select the background you like.

- Click "Personalize": Pick from our many adorable color schemes (if you can, match it to her fave colors)!

While we’re uploading all the cuteness, how about getting some tea? Now that the background is up, you can design the card to look just like the mommy-to-be: her hair, skin tone, eye shape, even the size of her baby bump!

Now that your mommy-to-be looks "just right" - click "Save"!

Next, you can say what you want to say, the way you want to say it – just click "Personalize".

And don’t worry, even after you've saved it, you can redo any element of your card – as much as you need to, before you check out. You can’t rush cuteness!

Order anything from 15 cards to 200! Click on the 'design' tab to begin creating your customized caricature (+ baby belly) and Baby Shower Thank-You notes now!

Design baby shower thank you cards
design baby shower invitation
Design Baby Shower Thank You Card

Baby Shower Thank You Notes

Custom Baby Shower Thank You Card
Baby Shower Thank You
on Blue Polka-Dots
Personalized Baby Shower Thank You Note
Baby Shower Thank You Note
on Navy Polka-Dots
Baby Shower Thank You Cards
Baby Shower Thank You Card on
Pink Paisley Design
Baby Shower Thank You Card
  Baby shower templates for custom cards
      Baby shower thank you note
Baby Shower Thank You Notes


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